Monday, 21 May 2012

Letters in Tamil

Mom suddenly decided to write me a letter a couple of weeks back. She had written in tamil and dad had added his note in the end. It was an emotional 20 minutes going through that letter! I missed the warmth all of a sudden.

In a couple of days, after re-reading the letter till the gist of it was etched in my mind - I was ready to write back. I decided I would write in Tamil as well.

Now I took Tamil in school for almost ten-ish years. Mom is too awesome with her literary tamil. She writes poems and is quite good in her game. That and some other things always kept me quite well-versed in the written version of the language.

Its been 6 years since. I have not written more than a para on my own in these years. And quite obviously the written part of the language has been dying a slow death.

As I took my pen and paper, I got stuck with the first few words. I was out of sync in every sense. I could not however give up on the mission. So I went all out and wrote whatever spelling came into my head. The contents were reeking of all sorts of emotions, the spelling just one - comedy.

Needless to say my mom had a hearty laugh! Dad says she hasnt laughed so much in a million years.

We are exchanging some memories and thoughts on paper now. It somehow means so much more. I am gearing myself up for the next war. This time I hope I lose a little less soldiers than the last!

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