Thursday, 24 May 2012

Eternal burning of the soul-dead tongue

Have you ever burnt your tongue? I don’t remember much of tongue burning at home. Maybe because food was always at an appropriate temperature ready for consumption. I always burn my tongue here in uni. There is a tiny stall outside my Lecture theatre. Dilys. The aunties there sell some local snacks and beverages. Every day while running to class, a 3-minute stop at this stall to get some Milo and potato puffs is an essential to-do. These potato puffs are the closest to the heavenly vegetable puffs/samosas from McRennett, by the way.

What follows inside the class, is the eternal burning of the soul-dead tongue. I am quite certain that if my tongue were an independent entity capable of some thought and action, it would tie me up and beat me till I bleed. Thats the amount of torture I have put it through. The stomach kept bothering the mind with its continuous signals of ‘Get-us-some-thing-to-work-on’. What else was the mind supposed to do.

I blame the nosy neighbor of the grumpy bus driver. The neighbor was poking her nose into the bus driver’s yard. The silly wife got pissed and called up the husband. The husband is the bus driver of the bus that was to come at 10.52 am to Temasek Hall bus stop. He didn’t. The grumpy bus driver lost his temper over his wife and her silly problems. He drove slowly because of that and came to the Temasek Hall bus stop only at 11 am. It was a 6-minute ride with the grumpy bus driver till I got off at the Computer Centre bus stop. By then I was stressed and running to class that my system needed some energy. That was right outside Dilys.

And so I stopped. I bought the goodies and continued the run to the theatre. I sat down beside the usual gang and opened my Milo and took a tiny sip and burnt the tongue. Let it be known that I do this every single time the grumpy bus driver drives by late. Sometimes I do not need him and his gala team to evoke my desire for Dilys goodies. Most other times I do need them.


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