Tuesday, 1 May 2012


I saw this kid on the bus today. She was a tiny little ball of pink! Hair adorned with glittery clips and ended in pigtails. Such an adorable sight. I was making weird faces at her and keeping her entertained while she was undertaking the huge task of balancing.

She was travelling with her dad. He was holding on of those tall umbrellas and standing. She tried a lot of bars to hold before she decided her dads umbrella was the best option. She held onto it with both her miniature hands and laughed her way.

She got off a few stops before me and waved a lovely farewell. It struck me how she believed that umbrella to be her best option. In reality it was an unstable option because her dad was holding it. If he let go off the umbrella there goes the balance. Something she was unaware of. All she knew was that it was close to her and it was viable to hold.

How many of us have such beliefs like that. We take the best option in front of us, trust in it and give it our best shot! Just because thats the best option. Who knows whats the reality? Better yet what is 'reality'?

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