Wednesday, 30 May 2012

2 - On the train

Grace loved her new job!

After years of toiling at law universities and part-time jobs she was here! It was a small law firm. She was the youngest kid on the block with three partners in the firm and 4 other lawyers. It
had been almost a month.

The number of internships she had been through taught her to expect nothing but mundane coffee making and hours with the printer in the first few weeks. And thats exactly how her new job started out too. An emergency case however came up and she had to manage the initial paperwork for the new clients. ‘Exciting times, they were coming!’ she was singing to herself.

She woke up tuesday morning all set to meet her clients later that day. Life was just as she expected. Everything was falling into place like she knew.

She decided to take the metro to work and walked up the long staircase. Meeting the old subway-man, buying her tissue pack for the day from him, greeting the guy behind the counter. A typical day!

She found her favourite seat on the train and thought she'll listen to some music. As she took out her iPhone, she sensed someone looking down on her. The shadow did not move, alarmed she looked up to see a hippy-looking guy. She looked at him not knowing what to say. He asked her if she spoke english. She decided the best answer to give was no. She shook her head. He sat next to her.

She was a little nervous because of his question. She tilted her head towards the window trying to concentrate on her lyrics.

'I met a f*ing girl,
On a f*ing train,
Who dint speak f*ing english..'

He had started to rap!

Who was she kidding.
Nothing was ever going to be the way she expected. Everyday was full of surprises. She smiled thankfully and wondered what he would have done if she had accepted to knowing english!

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