Tuesday, 29 May 2012

1 - An old man

The clock struck twelve. It was time to go to bed. He switched off the television reluctantly and sat back.

Chirck chirck chirck chirck. 

He was amused by how the seconds needle in the clock was capable of creating an eerie aura inside the room. And that was how the seconds hand -  time itself, turned eerie. He smiled to himself. 

He took a few minutes to ignore the chircks. He pulled himself up from his chair. He was no longer as fit as he used to be. He used his walking aids and trudged to the bedroom.
Now that the empty words of the television hosts were muted, he felt the air around him turning heavy. Their endless gab made it lighter and more tolerable.
He removed the toothbrush and the paste from the deep blue stand. The blue rings on the holder hypnotised him into the past. He saw her hand pulling off the wraps and placing the holder on the rack. He saw her grace as she put things back into place. Her dancer instincts transformed him into an awesome audience. She sprinkled grace and charm in every corner of their house. The grace and charm - they dance till today. 


The sound of the brush on the floor snapped him out of his trance. 

He was used to times like this by now. Snapping in and out of the 60 years. It was as if someone was playing melody to his ears in excruciating bits. Pausing too long before each snap. All those years of marriage suddenly crumbled to dust when she moved on. She always kept herself busy. Taking care of people was her favourite hobby. She could never sit in one place and take some time off. 

He hoped to join her in her journey forward soon. Earth was no longer his world. It stopped being so the second she left. He walked back to his bed and said a little prayer before retiring to sleep. 

‘Don’t run like you always do. Wait for me. Walk a little slow. Wait for me’

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