Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Want vs Need

I always said 'I have to do something' or 'I need to do something'. I am sure most of us do. Its quite casual.

I began to use 'I want to do something' a while back. And there has been a world of difference.

Really? Yes!

When I used 'I need to do something', arguments with self were simple. The part that knew something  was due soon, would say so. The other evil part would say 'You don't need to do that now. Theres more time'. Enter, procrastination.

Now try the same argument with 'I want to do something'. Argument is invalid. I would be contradicting myself! Enter, work-on-time!

This re-phrasing works wonders, mostly (Notice mostly). The sense of wanting something is very different from needing something. I remember some vague definition in a Marketing class about how need is a essential and want is luxury. It spoke about how we usually crave for luxury. Thats because essential is well, essential. Conventionally, we are encouraged to satisfy our needs. Wants are usually on an aspiring list that is ever-extending.

Think out of that box. Try making a want list that is precise and exact. However the theory works, the practical utility of doing this is amazing! Try it. WANT it :)

- Ever wanting

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