Friday, 6 April 2012


I was watching the 'Raj' dude from Big Bang Theory on Conan's show. Kunal Nayyar.

It was all hail and funny until he started describing members of the Hijra community. From my limited knowledge, I know that they perform at weddings and child births mostly in North India. Their dance is supposed to bring good luck to the ceremony. In exchange, they get paid a tidy sum.

While describing them, he says 'A bunch of eunuchs show up at your door. They are 'untouchable' to the society..' I could not care what he said later.

Untouchable? Is that really in use any more? I know that transexuals are not treated equally in the society. Till this day however, I have never thought of them as untouchables.

I myself have had an unfavourable experience when one of them asked me for money, back home in Chennai. I did not know what to say to her. She was so threatening. Very well, that was a special case.

How could you even think of another human being as untouchable. Are you from the 15th century or something? He is supposed to have lived in America for the past decade, more so. One would assume his thinking would have broadened in some tiny way.

Apparently no. He says so on national TV. What kind of image is he portraying for educated Indians? Wouldn't a random Mr.X who watches that and manages to catch that bit of discrimination, subconsciously assume that all Indians think so.

If you see the video you might think that I am just blowing something he casually mentioned. I don't think so. In my opinion if you even have that word in your dictionary, you are not a just or fair person. Your thinking is shallow. Time to change your mindset and try to become a bigger person.

More bothersome was the fact that, only I seem to have been offended by this 'joke'.

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