Thursday, 26 April 2012

Spirit of volunteering

I was listening to the radio today and a director of a NGO was live. The presenter asked him some basic questions about volunteering and how people responded to the idea on a long term.

A particular question was about how people feel the volunteer fatigue and if they really serve the true meaning of volunteering. His response was amazing. I assumed that people go for a way to spend time or make friends. Even worse are people who do that to cover some extra ground on their resume.

His view was that when this person has time to spare or some networking to do they could do it in any way they wished. Between going to a bar or playing tennis to meet people, they picked volunteering. Whatever their purpose seemed like, they fit in the 'I care' component into their objective. Some part of them wanted to change their community, do their part in giving a hand and help it grow.

He said that pretty much works. If you have enough in you to show that care and reach out, you are noble enough. You will change enough. You will leave with a bigger heart.

Great thought!

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