Thursday, 19 April 2012

Sony, my honey

I have an attention span of a 3-year old. They probably do better than me actually. So eliminating distractions is one of the essential rituals I need to do before sitting down for some serious concentration. I don't carry my laptop when I work. I sometimes have to encourage concentration by putting off pee breaks (It works! Diamonds are formed only under extreme pressure)

I am a proud owner of a smartphone. It can do the basic minimal things a smartphone can do. Quite sufficient for my needs. Ever since the phone arrived, distraction has been at its peaks. In the exam week, these basic things my phone is capable of achieving become the focus of my attention. Whatsapp and silly games take the helm of priority. When I don't take my laptop 'Fear not' says my heart, 'why else did Appa buy you a smartphone. Use the wifi!!' And then I do! One has to listen to one's heart.

How to kill this evil?

Plan A - Dont switch on wifi
Result - Whom are you kidding, doesnt work..

Plan B - Keep the phone 5 feet away
Result - I slowly inch towards the phone and end up in the one foot radius in no time..

Plab C - Silent mode
Result - Switching on the On/Off button constantly to check if I have messages..

Plan Drastic-Dracula-D - Change phones
Result - Hoo yeah!

I carry my old Sony Ericsson around now. My dear dear phone. Its capable of messaging/calling and quadra-popping. Perfect life solution!

How I miss those buttons. One of the things I hated about my new phone was how I had to place my fingers in the precise location and type. Absolutely loathed it. For a brief period I am back to bliss. How good it feels to be typing something! This time its actually typing. Not some software posing as a keypad.

I am considering making this shift a permanent one. Who needs fancy apps and the loud pop on Whatsapp. We all ache to make a connection with nature. We love our holidays by the rainforest/beach. That is the high I am having right now. As if I have reconnected with a simpler life. Lets see. It takes more than a day to feel the real pressure of this.

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