Friday, 27 April 2012

See you on the other side, Mr.Structure

Do spare me for going on and on about exams. My life will revolve around them till the next two days. I had a concrete design exam today. Structures is one of the major components of Civil Engineering. And I am happy to announce this will be (touch wood) the last ever tryst with this component of civil.

I am the daughter of a Structures guy. He mastered in this particular component. Sadly none of the interest or talent got transferred into my cells. I don't despise the subject. I don't like it either.

Like everything else, I like the lighter side of things in Civil. Soil, Planning. I can only explain in person when I say lighter. Its a mind map of reasoning for why these make me more happy.

I hope for a lovely structure-less graduating year at NUS in the coming months. Time flew so quickly. Thoughts on that are soon to follow!

To my companion. You have inflicted a lot of pain. The soul was however, well seasoned by now to take it all in and let out a hearty burp. Ciao my friend!

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