Thursday, 12 April 2012


Perspective is one aspect of everyday that amazes me. A lot of little instances teach a lesson that stems from this aspect.

I was taking a break. These breaks are usually supposed to be 5 mintues. But end up becoming much bigger due to things like Facebook. I was scrolling through this album.

The boy had visited an museum. He had posted pictures of himself and his friends beaming in front of 'The Raft of the Medusa' at Lourve. It is an oil painting by Theodore Gericault. A heart-wrenching depiction of death and hope. I was startled. I looked at the picture and went 'How can anyone even smile in the presence of this work?'. I had taken a introduction to Art History class in Uni last year. Thats where I learnt about the details of this massive masterpiece. Gore at its best. All the sadness I have ever been through in my life comes to my mind when I see this picture.

I have never been to Lourve. I have never seen this picture. Just the digital version of the masterpiece makes my moments take a low. Imagine standing right in front of this painting. How much emotions one would go through. I wonder.

Then again I thought about it. The painting was to those people what a rock would be to me. My soil professor would probably go 'How can she sit there and pose with this rock? Why isn't she exploring the area, for this is such a rare find.'


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