Friday, 13 April 2012

Last day of the semester

It's the last day of the semester. I thought I'd try and remember some things that stood out the most in these 4 months.

1 A sem of new academic ventures - I was more regular in attending classes. More regular with assignments. It has lead me to understand what is really important when it comes to uni. More regularity helps in the long run.

2 Getting into a system - Outside of classes, I experienced more of a systematic life. Regular sleep and meal hours. Less of TV shows. More of News. The discipline is giving me great deal of energy. Earlier, most of the days I was never motivated to work. Now I wonder if it was because of my extremely irregular sleep pattern. Afterall, in school all was well. Bed at 10 or 11. Wake up at 6 or 7. It was these first few years of uni. I read this somewhere, 'I like to be in relationships to get a fresh dose of interest for singlehood' Haha. I dont believe in the quote myself. The analogy however, I understand.

3 A tiny bit more care for the body - One of the best decisions of this semester has been signing up for a Pilates class on campus. Every friday, it was dose of new (extremely strenuous) postures. That inturn inspired a 15 min version in my room everyday. Nothing too big. Just a tiny dash of care. It has contributed to a feeling of wellbeing more than the wellbeing it self. Then again, is what you think is real or what is actually real that is important?

4 Internship - I do not call myself an academically inclined person. My interests lie elsewhere. I know that. 'Elsewhere' is still getting a shape. In the meantime, I need some data to feed the shaping. This semester was wonderful in terms of test of confidence and self-belief. I have been applying to summer jobs ever since November and finally by the end of March I found a place - A place I can gladly call a dream job. Its so far exactly what I wanted. I have all of summer to figure out the truth of that statement! Looking forward like never before!

5 Absence of friends - I am putting this in the end, mostly because I think the success of most of the above came indrectly due to this fact. Almost all of my close friends are on their internships. I hardly ever get to meet them. Whenever I did hang out with them, irregularity cropped up! It did not matter because I was able to feed some chicken soup to the soul at those times. The next step would be figuring out the line between balance and friends I guess. What else is the next semester for!

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