Thursday, 12 April 2012

The kid on the bus

This happened a couple of months ago. I was on the bus to the MRT. Next to me was this kid. His height was around that of a 13 or 14 year old. In appearance however, he looked much older. That gave me the impression of him being special. He was messaging someone contantly, putting his phone back into his pocket with every ping.

I couldn't help but observe him. Then I noticed. The inside of his left hand was full of cuts. His fingers were bitten to the flesh. In a little while he started speaking to himself. A bit later, he removed his spectacles and started crying saying something all the way.

I could not contain my tears for him. To me he looked like a kid who needed help. Not in terms of taking care of himself. He was doing a great job of that. Travelling all alone and getting off exactly where he wanted to. He needed help in terms of a friend who can talk to him. Thats what the human in me understood.

How many of us treat our peers with disregard when we find their behaviour a tad different from ours. For that I do not understand competition. I do not understand survival of the fittest. I am still contemplating how I can be there for these people, just as a normal friend. I will get back here when I do.

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