Monday, 23 April 2012


A family usually comes with greatness from all its varied members. For one of those people from very big families like me, it is a learning in itself to maintain bonds with the entire age range. It differs from granddad, a strong man all of 87 to a little cousin sister, a 3 year old ball of glitter.

I was speaking to mom the other day about her mother - my grandmother. I cannot speak to her on the phone these days. Her hearing is not at its best years. A proud woman she refuses to use any hearing aid devices. We did not push on her. She chooses to listen to the little she can grasp and complete the rest of what we speak with her own whims. 

I admire her a lot. She brought up 4 daughters and a son all by herself, after granddad(thatha) passed away. They were teenagers all of 12 and 13 going through their own phases in life. She never went to any school but she managed to run thatha's business as much as she could. She provided them with the best of education and helped them settle down in their lives. 

She is always very forward in her thinking. One of the best things I admire about her is her denial of age. She would never own up that she is 80. Talk to her and she'll tell you how she is guessing she's around 65. This translates into a lot of humour in our everyday. She refers to people (her age) almost always as older people. In her eyes shes the youngest old person around! That does a lot of good to her self-confidence in my opinion. Imagine, she never has to worry about her age and the problems that come with it. 

You cannot catch her in dirty clothes or looking too pale. She would always prim herself up to look the best. She would never miss medicines or forget them. She plans her day around these tiny rituals to take care of herself. Though it is tough to stop her from eating a piece of that jalebi

I was feeling a bit nostalgic today about her and her house we spent summers in with all the other cousins. I can't wait to visit her in the next few months!  

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