Wednesday, 18 April 2012


I am scramming for my HR exam tomorrow morning. My head is full of theories and links psychologists and sociologists have drawn up about various aspects of Human relationships. I like this module's readings for the tiny thought spurts it inspires.

One such reading was about diversity. Coming from Chennai, India I did not feel a lot of diversity in school years. After all, the school system is developed around uniformity and equality. It paid off for the most part.

A tiny introduction I got was during the jazz about reservation. I think it is quite alright to have reservation. How else are we going to encourage students from the less-privileged societies to take up higher studies. The elite will find a way. They always do. They have been brought up in such a surrounding and mindset, given their opportunities and exposure. Live and let live. That's what I look at reservation as.

Diversity. The real taste I would say is right now, in this phase of my life. I sit in a class with students from at least 10 different countries. 10 different cultures. 10 different languages. My friends are from different cultures and hence different mindsets. None of this stops us from having our fun and being true to each other. It's been an interesting ride so far. There are times I felt I was being discriminated for my skin colour. And then again I have to shamefully admit there are times I made judgments about someone before I even got to know them. Judgments that were purely stereotypical.

The reading is giving me an insight into what a low mistake it has been. Judgment is never right. However provoked I feel. How much ever judgments I receive. It never is right. I would still be myself. I will try to look at the world for what it is through my eyes.

As it is.

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