Monday, 2 April 2012

Creating from scratch - DIY projects

I am a huge fan of DIY. Whatever I would come across, I love to try it out myself. Its something about creating/doing something all by yourself. It could have been too much of art and science project shows. It could have been mom who is exceptional at doing things the creative way.

Some of favourite times in the holidays have been trying my hand at creating things. I remember -- holiday projects of making castles with left over rubbish at home and then painting it into something castle-like, planting on the roof and quite recently, making my own dress.

Its not easy to get it right. It takes multiple tries. It takes a lot of time and effort. After all that, its the joy of putting things and skill together. Its the joy of seeing the finished product. That's why I know my heart lies in a little shop where I create with other craftsmen! 

I saw this page where you innovate with little things at home to make it easier. Very clever innovations. See if you find anything relevant!

Happy DIY!

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