Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Being the sage

I was reading an article about concentration and this particular idea about being a sage struck a chord.

The author urges the reader to become a sage in everything you do. The ideas that stood out for me:

- Be selective about what you do
- Ask questions before you start any activity
- Saying no, when it is what you want to say

They make so much sense to me. I am a person who always found it hard to say no. I am consciously trying to change that now. I try to prioritize my wants and only if the activity helps my priorities I say yes. It has done some good. It has given me more time. In the past, I always worried if the person would be hurt if I refused. I now realise that they would understand and find another way.

Asking questions is a great concept. I have not incorporated this completely into my day and hence I cannot speak of its uses. I read the same idea on 'Change your questions, change your life' by Marilee G Adams. She talks about a choice map. The basic idea is that everytime you are faced with a situation you have two choices:

- questions something so that you can learn more about it
- judge something and end up on the wrong path

With every decision that we have to make we have these two options. If we consciously try and ask questions everytime, it would lead to new answers that would make so much sense for the situation. 

Incorporating these two ideas will be on the conscious-subconscious to-do henceforth!

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