Friday, 20 April 2012

Are we wasting more time?

This is quite a random chain of thought I went on yesterday.

How many of us slave at the gym/jog/attend fitness classes every other day? All in an effort to be fit and stay healthy! That requires us to keep 30 min to an hour of each day for something like this (Sometimes the 30 min per day goes in just 'thinking' about how I will exercise).

Alright, that's our generation. How did people from the past generation do it? My parents do a similar thing as well. Okay the generation before that? My grandfather does not go on walks. My grandmother did not walk on a treadmill.

So how did they do it? I realised that they did enough physical work around home. My grandfather was a bank manager. He would walk to work. He was also a farmer. He visited his farms and took part in the hard work on the fields. My grandmother kept some part of the house work to herself. We always had a sparkly house when she was around. Thats exactly how they stayed fit.

To me it looks like we give up on some other work every time we go to a gym to workout or take a run around the park. How would it be if you clean your house while you exercise? Make it a fun workout. Throw your hands all around and do everything you would do on the yoga mat. I don't know about you, but I am loving the idea! Go to the garden and water some plants while you dance. Sure, your neighbour might think its finally official - your madness. Who cares?

PS - People have even made websites telling you how to do this!

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