Wednesday, 21 March 2012

To make him happy

Sachin finally made his 100th 100! Phew. How long has the world been waiting for this one. I am no sports buff. But thanks to family and friends filled with adrenaline for sports, even I knew this one was due a long time. 

Thats not however the highlight of this post. Dad called me the other day. He sounded extremely happy. I haven't heard the cheerfulness in his voice in quite sometime. His genuine energy translated into a huge grin on my face!

It was Sachin. Dad is a huge cricket fan! I remember growing up with cricket matches on the TV and dad with his fingers crossed! He would sometimes switch off the tv, saying it was bad luck for the team. Haha. 

We talked about Sachin, my internship applications and our days. It was a refreshing call that night. I realised something as we said our good nights. I would do anything to keep this man happy. I would do anything to hear him speak like that. 

I miss you and your silent love. 

To all the sensibility and perfection you taught me. And continue to do so. 

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