Monday, 26 March 2012


Less than a month's time for exams!

*freakout freakout freakout freakout*

I should get to the pomodoros! Exam stress is always tough to beat. How ever old you are. How ever smart you are. How ever hard-working you are. That aura in the air cannot be avoided. It helps to sooth some part of it, by employing techniques to concentrate!

The pomodoro technique has been a great find! You set the timer for 25 minutes. Concentrate and work those 25 mins. Take a 5 min break. Repeat the process. Every 25 minutes gets you a pomodoro. After 4 pomodoros, you can take a longer break.

Its great to put down a tick every 25 minutes. Once you do cross 4 ticks, the break feels like you have truly earned it!

Its useful even to get other mundane everyday tasks done. Get a partner and try it out together. I enjoy my 5 minutes break when its synced with a friend! That way you get to chatter and jump back into your work.

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