Thursday, 29 March 2012

Milestone for mom!

Mom called in the evening. Her shrilly tones on their best.

Pigs has finished his board exams. All the efforts have been put. All the actions have been taken. Now only the results await. 

I realised what a huge milestone it must be for her, only when she spelt it out! Both her kids are on their own. Well, almost. It must be very important for her. Seeing she practically spent 20 years of her life raising us and being our role model. 

She mentioned about how I was just about to enter that journey she has been on this long. (Made me cringe a bit, it did) Well for all it means, I wish I do a job as good as hers! 

Thank you amma, for being who you are. 

Congrats on the end of this journey! Lets make plans for the next ride now! 

PS: Spare me, for not putting up a picture of her. She considers it an invasion of privacy. 

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