Monday, 19 March 2012

Little crazy things..

I saw this picture on 9gag yesterday. I was laughing out aloud. How many of us do this?

You know one of those things which you obsess over. One of those things which you think you are the only crazy person to be doing. Well those things don't seem to exist. Apparently.

However tiny it may be, however strange it may be, however weird an act it may be, there always seem to be successors, predecessors or parallels while you are at it. I remember the time when groups used to be all rage on Facebook. And there were groups that made this pretty obvious. 'Drawing rectangles on the desktop', 'Not stepping on the lines of a floor tile while walking', 'Talking to an inanimate thing, like it would listen to you', 'Going through the phase of writing your name on random surfaces' and a million other whacko things.

Things which you wouldn't want to even admit doing sometimes. The whole while you were thinking you are the only one crazy soul on earth doing it that way. And no, there are a gazillion others doing so to!

Its pretty amazing. The way things work. The amount of similarities you can see in people. No matter the race, colour, place or language. Somethings remain qualities of humans.

No one can touch that little bubble of equality.

To a wonderful day!

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