Wednesday, 7 March 2012


I love letters. Writing them and getting them. No one writes letters any more. I miss letters.

I remember as a child, my favourite uncle used to travel a lot. And whenever he went to a new place he would send us an letter. The stamp was always meant for me. He had taught me how to remove the stamp from the envelope tactfully and without damage. I enjoyed the process! It was my little ritual.

Now my uncle is retired. He doesn't travel anymore. More importantly he stopped writing me letters. Not just him. I remember when almost everyday dad would pick up letters from the mailbox. Now he hardly does. E-mails. Those unfriendly impersonal electronic mails.

The romance of letters is something close to flight rides, for me. You write a letter, in a place, on a desk in some part of the world. Then you post it. Carrying evidences of from where it came, the letter arrives at your place, somewhere else. You open the letter and it transports you to the person who wrote one for you. You see them writing that letter. You feel them. The bliss.

In all the internet dependent life, letters have become a thing of the past. Even banks which used to post ten million things to you, have reduced their letters. They make you e-transcriptions for most cases.

I wonder if they'll ever make a comeback.

Letters, my fingers are crossed for you. Till then I will do my part and hope to induce your comeback.

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