Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Journey with cycles

Remember your first cycle? Remember the first few weeks of learning to ride? 

I do! It was my best friend. A white Cinderella bike! (I couldn't find a picture of it) Every evening would stretch out with Amma teaching me to ride the bike. I fell a couple of times. Learnt the trick. 

It was around for a couple of years. The second bike was called Fun bike (for reasons unknown). It was silver, simplistic and had gears. I think it was my first taste of elegance. Simple, classy and smart. I remember showing off my gears to my girlfriends and other cycling buddies. 

It was on this bike that I had the fright/embarrassment of my life so far. (No, actually worse things have happened since. Still) I was cycling around the block by myself. This manic dog decided to run behind me. It was doing so for a while and I did not bother. As I increased my speed though, it got excited for some reason. It started barking and what seemed like accompaniment changed into a chase! I was pretty scared of stray dogs. I still am! I screamed on top of my voice and cycled with every bit energy in me. 

The chase went on for 2 or so laps, I think. Neighbours and strangers came out of their houses. The watchman shooed the dog away. I did not stop. I continued all the way to the shed and ran to my house top speed. The shame. Sigh. I think I still remember details of the evening quite vividly. 

That shipped sailed away and then it was a Ladybird. I am quite positive every girl (in Chennai atleast) had one when she stepped into the teens! It was a prized possession. I wouldn't let a soul ride it. Not even pigs. I remember fights with him over this one. Well, you can imagine. I was going through the impossible teenage years when I (thought, I) knew everything.

That was it. The Ladybird left home in a couple of years as well. Till today, I am a cycle-less girl! I haven't ridden one in so long by now. Especially after uni. A couple of times in ECP and Pulau Ubin, perhaps. Thats really about it. 

I miss owning a cycle. I have this image of my own saree/design store. There is always a cycle outside the store. I wonder if its mine. I'd like it to be!

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