Thursday, 15 March 2012

The I will

We needed a video camera for an interview. I took up the responsibility of getting one, somehow. I went around to a couple of places I knew on campus that loaned out cameras. All of them had some reason to refuse one. I got to people who headed Visual clubs. I was unsuccessful there as well. After all the hassle,  we ended up using a friend's DSLR.

Now as I was climbing the numerous stairs in Arts and SDE, I realised that it was important to persevere what you want. I could have given up on going to these corners and enquiring. The only way to find out that we had no video camera was, however that.

I bothered a couple of friends on the way and looked at ways of them being able to help. That was again making sure, the goal wasn't possible.

In the end the message was clear, its all about the will. Yes, I did not get a camera. But, I had the satisfaction of making sure I tried everything I knew possible.

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