Friday, 30 March 2012

Even teachers have their fun

It was one of the last classes of the semester. It's this compulsory coursework for engineering students.

I like my tutor a lot! She's very methodical and goes all out even though most of us are just coming in class for 10 or so% it counts for. Her enthusiasm for the module is contagious and we often are taking part in the discussion gung-ho.

She was telling us about how to write well in the exams. And somehow in between those tips she started on what teachers do during the exam time. Was it surprising?

Apparently, they are too bored standing around for two hours. I can sympathise. Guess what, they even have a solution! They play these little games. They have these bets going on. Each of them calls out on a student who would ask for an additional booklet, one who would get up to for a toilet break. One who would ask for doubts or one who would finish soon.

If these games are not entertaining enough, the well tried gossip activity! They talk about their clothes and watches. I sometimes wondered what they would be discussing into each others ears so meticulously. I have never been able to come up with material. Now, I know!

She even made this remark were, students used to dress up in simple colours of white and black. While, teachers come in bright shades of the palette. Usually pink or red. This observation was so amusing!

It's always nice to know what's going on, in the other side of the world. It's even more entertaining when you find out they do things just like you do.

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