Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Care, somemore

If something turns me on, extremely so, its showing some care for the world. I am not saying superman-care-for-the-world. You don't even need to do social work. I am saying little tiny things.

Help someone who dropped the pen, pick it up.
Don't stand in the middle of the pathway.
Help mom make dosai (or toast).
Talk to grandparents. Or just give them your ears for a while.
Give (the right) directions to someone who lost their way.

Can't think of how you'll do any of these things? No worries, just go hug your friend and tell them you love them.

These are little acts of kindness. Things that'll take a second to do. You just need to observe more. Look out for someone around.  Because "What goes around, comes around" someone will surely help you out in just a bit.

I was on the mrt today. The dude next to me was listening to loud (appalling, in my humble opinion) rock music. How did I know this? Well, the volume on his head phones were for everyone. I think he took caring too seriously. He decided to play music for all of us.

It was disheartening to know that he did not check something so small. I am extremely conscious about the volume of my headphones. One reason, I don't want random strangers to give me some pity because I am listening to romance-oozing-sloppy-slow music. Second, I just don't want to bother them with my taste in music.

I think practicing these little things, makes your more appreciative about life itself. You learn to appreciate your mom's hard work in the kitchen. (It really is!) You step out of your self-important world and take time to care for another. You learn to be more observant.

If you do end up doing something, you can give yourself the feeling of having been generous that day. Its such a pleasant mood-lifting feeling!

Come on, spread the joy. One act of kindness a day!

PS: Thought this note was very kind!

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