Wednesday, 14 March 2012

(Almost) Mutiny of pencil warriors

I met with a friend yesterday. We were talking about all things great and small and then I happened to notice his pencils.

Or maybe I should call them pens?

I am not exactly sure. They look like pencils. When it comes to putting them to use we treat them as pens. So technically, they are pens right? And then again it depends on what purpose they are meant for.

If they were meant to be in a photo or just stay in a shelf, they do a very good job as pencils. And when I want to write with them they double up as something else, something entirely different.

I felt so much for the poor pencils (Sorry, I feel like calling them pencils). SO much for their identity crisis.

And then I stopped feeling bad. I realised that you and me are going through that everyday. Someone inside, someone else outside. If not different inside and outside, we end up showing different parts of ourself and our personality to different people/at different places. Its hardly ever the full package right?

The pencils are not going through any crisis. The pencils are normal. They fit in this world. They fit with you. They fit with me. They are happy-smart-little pencils who know how this world works.

I don't need to stress my head over the (supposed) injustice brought to these men! I don't need to plan a mutiny for the pencil warriors.

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