Sunday, 25 March 2012

4 weeks of writing and an irony

Ironical situations are almost always funny. Even when it is about something grim.

Out of the million ironical happenings of life, one that stood out was friday's post. I have been waiting to celebrate 4 weeks of writing! Its about how I wrote everyday these 4 weeks, how thats helped things and how thats made me feel better. 'Ironically' its coming out only on sunday!

Yea, well.

Its been a very interesting ride! Initially I would wonder what I had to write about. I started making notes whenever I thought of something write-worthy. One week of making notes and supply exceeds demand already!

In a conversation with a close friend, we talked about making things meaningful. So much is happening around me. It takes very little to put it down into a time capsule. This is my current way of making it meaningful. Its a way of remembering the little things that matter!

To a habit that would live long!

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