Friday, 16 March 2012

30 days

I had started reading David Allen's Getting Things Done last month, 15th February. I remember the date so vividly because he said that in the next 30 days something will surely come and surprise you. "Life is always full of it! No matter what you are doing", he said.

I found the thought very intriguing. I marked 15th March on my calendar and wrote 'Did something interesting happen in the last 30 days?'. The message popped up on my phone last night. And guess what, something did happen! Not just one thing, a couple of things even happened. Things that mean a lot to me right now!

Life is really full of surprises. Its never going to be boring. And then again its what you make out of it. In perspective, I think I would have found something that happened and ranked it down on the list of surprises. It need not be a great milestone in my journey. It could have just been a sweet little surprise.

Its always about how you see it. I see it being fine. I see it going good. I see it with me and a smile.

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