Wednesday, 29 February 2012


I love heels. I love the clicks they make when you walk around. I love the little 2 inches they give. I love that they come is the most exquisite of colours and designs. I love the curve from the toe to the heel. I could go for days just looking at stilettos!

Also, I usually don't wear heels. I have been gifted with a tall frame. So firstly, the necessity is lacking. I love wearing them. But secondly, it feels pretty odd when you are towering above average height especially on campus.

Just yesterday, I was working on something when this whole ideas for shoes took a walk into my head. I still remember vividly each one and each pattern. I cant wait to make sketches of the ideas (as soon as my midterms are done!) Its like how Harry Potter walked into Rowling's head. Swish, one swift entry. And suddenly I went into an imaginary realm where I was designing exquisite shoes for the world and becoming the Coco of shoes. I was even having my own fashion show!

Dhanya's shoes sounds pretty lame. I should cook up a brand name. That, I should.

Well, for now the designs will be out in a couple of days. Watch out!
(Thats a John Galliano right there! Sigh)

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