Monday, 7 November 2011

Funny thing - I

I had a VERY funny moment right now. Moments rather. I was in the shower. I tried to think of all questions on my mind that needed creative approach. I thought about things. Munched over ideas.

Somehow I landed at my parents anniversary. I was thinking about how they were going to celebrate their 25 years soon. Then I started counting from the marriage year to now. 23. Two more years to a grand party. Yay. Wait. that means I must be turning 21 soon. But I am not. I was turning 20 soon. At least thats what I thought.

What followed this exact thought was a frantic 5 minutes were I counted their anniversary over and over to check. Then counted my birthday another umpteen times.

The conclusion: I was 21. Yes, I was going to be 21 in another month. Somehow the world had conspired into making me thing I was going to be one year younger. Either I was being stupid or the entire world had been wrong. Well, the former couldn't be the case. I had counted SO MANY TIMES. I had to be right.

Me and a friend had been discussing our next 4-5 years of life and we had constantly referred to us being 20 now. How wrong we had been. To think of forwarding all those plans by one whole year. The conspiracy smelt of bad blood. The world could not have been so mean to us.

I freaked out some more (a lot more). Rushed out of the shower back to my room, to call some one. I pinged a close friend and he was busy. I dint know how to solve the crisis. Thankfully another close friend came online and I called her. I told her the whole story with all the jazz.

Well, guess what. It was 2011. Not 2012.

All the while, I had been keeping 2012 in my head for some weird reason and had counted everything up to it. Oh. Dear. God.

Save. Me.

PS: The past few days seem to be featuring a lot of comic episodes like this one. While I am losing my mind, why don't I record it along I thought. So this is Funny thing - I. Many more to come, I assure you.

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