Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Good but not good enough

I had a presentation today. We are doing an infrastructure project on a hospital. We came up with a creative one. We were quite sure of ourselves.

Presentation happened.
Prof claps.
Walks up to the podium. Says we were very bold and very creative. He liked our approach most out of the 8 groups that presented today.
Smiles for a bit.
Thats not what we want.

What do you do when someone tells/implies that you were good, but not good enough. It made me feel inadequate and incompetent. Been facing this particular implication repetitively these past few months.

Is it just me? I wonder.


Rohan Rajiv said...

1. Please install Disqus for the sake of your commenting community :).

2. Why is that a big deal? If you're not good enough, find out why you weren't and what you could do, no?

Concusfused said...

1. Its useful? Hmm, okay will do :)
2. Ofcourse, in the case of a presentation yes, that would be the solution. My question was more of why-dint-I-get-it-right-the-first-time (not just in a presentation). If that makes sense o.O