Sunday, 5 June 2011

WHY cant lizards talk?

Last night, I was trying to put myself to sleep when something struck me.

This GRAND idea.

That could actually be a solution to all my nightmares. Why cant lizards talk? So, imagine if they could. All I need to do is hold a gentleman’s conversation with them and let them know that they are trespassing private property and that I could sue them for the same if they do not oblige to move out. That’s it. End to all the nights I wonder if that creepy ugly thing is poking its head from under that table, or from behind the tube light. And if they refuse to oblige, I could even report the damned lizard and get him to evacuate my house forcefully. These guys can even get lizard lawyers if they want. That way, we would have a proper and sensible argument and justice would be served.


God, grant me this much. Rather, grant the lizards this much. Let them talk.


1 comment:

Thima said...

haha. that would be very convenient. I wish the same could apply to cockroaches and those ridiculous winged insects that come into my room every night :S