Saturday, 5 March 2011


I like it when guys get past the fugly pencil moustache stage from their adolescence, and move on to the next - shaved, rugged. Makes them look so much more sane.

Actually its more than just the moustache.
Stage One - Their sense of dressing, their VOICE, their attitude towards the female sex, their lameness. Haha, makes them what they are. I have loved growing up with these fools. They gave me my taste for lameness (I LOVE lame btw, brings a lot of joy once you enjoy it). Their innocence (though not in all areas, mind you) when dealing with things. Girls are slightly annoying that way. They also grew up faster like you and hence they know what you mean or what you are up to. These guys - simple, plain and right there.

All these things change one day.
Stage Two - I am still not sure if its over a period of time, or just overnight coz I have too many reasons to believe its overnight. They become men. They start to dress up, shave, talk normally and take responsibilities. They are suddenly more careful, CLEAN and neat.

Pigs (brother) is still in Stage One. I am missing being around him and watch him transform. Hopefully he'll join me at uni and let me be there for him.

And ALL these other fools. Some of them have moved on to Stage Two, while some others are still figuring Stage One out. You guys are fun, no matter what! Heres for every joke that was made, every mokkae that was put, every smile that was smiled, every hug that was given, and every word that was spoke.

Dunno why I feel so emo about my guy friends. Never mind, I still do. Lorries of love.

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