Monday, 7 February 2011


I had this conversation with a friend sometime back. We argued about the hijab but did not spend much time on it.

Today, she sent me a video.

I have had this conversation with amma before, during those times we discuss whether I can wear revealing clothes. I always thought it was my right to do so. I want, so I do. She made me think. She asked me why I want to wear them. Am I in show business? Clearly not. Why else do I want to wear it? Is it for the sake of others? Do I care about what they think of me?

No, I do not care for what others think of my dressing. I need to look bright and colourful. Its for my own satisfaction. That being the criteria, why should it be revealing? Maybe I do not care whether its revealing. Maybe its just because I like the way that dress fits me, maybe the colour and there could be a million other reasons. What worried me is the fact that subconsciously I might be deciding on what I have seen others in; on what I thought looked good on others. And yes, that is true. Doesnt that include public opinion. Am I not in some twisted way caring about what others think of my dressing.

In trying to answer these questions, I also realized the presence of hijab. The hijab is a symbol that defies things the world seems to be working towards. Women, fashion, cosmetics, magazines, models. They all seem to vanish in front of a woman who wears her hijab. I am my own, why do I have to exhibit myself to the world. In my opinion, wearing a hijab is just a symbol of the way you think. Its a symbol of self-respect.

When I argue inside, I have come up with two contradictory theories. Haven't we assumed men to be forcing the women into hijabs? Nevertheless, isn't this a male-dominated world which is striving to get you out of it? Debatable.

Some might wear it for religion and some might wear out of situation. I am unable to think of a rational situation where I might have to wear a hijab. However, if that does happens, I know I will be ready to wear one. Till then, I salute the women around the world who've had the courage to take this step. You are my inspiration.

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