Thursday, 30 December 2010

Window shopping

These past few days have been a pleasure to my eye. I have been going around with my mom and buying stuff for the coming up 4-month hitch in NUS. Somehow, I can view it as only that. I wonder if its unfortunately or not. It doesnt feel home-ish there, not close. Home also does not feel as home-ish as it used to be, but definitely better then NUS.

Getting back to the issue. I have always loved shopping, from what I can remember of it. From the times my parents picked up stuff for me till now. Buying what you buy is not so much the same as trying on stuff you can surely not afford. This applies especially in singapore malls with my student budget. Although I have to say, I am one of those people who gets extremely conscious of that store assistant who starts staring at you when you take clothes inside the change room. SO best option, ogle. Ogle all you want at those clothes. Helps me get into a cheerful mood. ALWAYS. If you dont have time for taking that bus to vivo, laptops are there to save you.

Its probably in fact that its new, I believe girls like new things. Whatever it maybe. Its probably that it looks great on that mannequin. Its probably the colours. Its probably the smell. Window shopping ftw.

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