Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Science Expo

-- is a tradition that takes place in my High school. Once in every two years we would have exhibitions of anything and everything you can think of pertaining to science. All the students, science ones mainly would come together and display exhibits and models of real-life phenomena. Being the nerd that I once was, I was always part of this expo right from class 3 till 11. I used to love those two days. Science expo means -- talking about your model for two whole days, lots of junk food and running around with your girlfriends visiting other friends-their models.

Only in the last science expo I participated, did it mean one more thing. All those years, there used to be chief guests who came for the expo. A typical chief guest would be from one of the science and technology institutions in the city. They would walk around one or two floors, omit the two others and leave. Technically they were the highlights of the day, but never in reality.

Our chief guest for the last year was Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam. My correspondent is a lady with a lot of connections. And she got him to visit our expo that year. I was never a fan of rocket science. I was never a fan of Dr. Kalam. Yet something in me jumped with joy at the thought of getting to see him up and close. He visited the exhibitions and then proceeded to the auditorium to talk to us for a short discourse. We were all gathered in the auditorium, waiting for him to come. He walked up on stage and everyone was jumping to take a look. And when I could finally spot him, I was overcome with emotion. I still don't understand why. It could have been that he was an ex-president or that he was a man of achievement or that I have never seen anyone so important in my entire life. He spoke about life and education, he spoke about 'happy'ness and success. Completely inspiring thoughts. He left in less than half an hour, but I stayed with that impact for a day or two. Unforgettable.


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Lakshmi said...

I remember this too. Shojana and I were placed near the entrance remember? We were praying hard he would look right when he enters, so he would see us. But he looked right and went over to Jayashree's. (like, duh!)

Concusfused said...

hahaha, yea! Me and Shridevi were explaining some maths projects on a higher floor.

Concusfused said...

hahaha, yea! Me and Shridevi were explaining some maths projects on a higher floor.