Tuesday, 2 November 2010

How I found that pencil end.

It was a frustrating quiz monday. I wore my jacket and pushed a mechanical pencil in its pocket, just to have one handy. The dreadful quiz was over in an hour and I came back to my room in PGP to drop some things off before leaving for a meeting in YIH. And when I was walking back to the bus stop, near the foyer I heard this click sound. I looked around and realized I for got to remove my pencil form the jacket pocket. The bottom screw got off the pencil, and rolled off somewhere. I was already in a hurry so I took a swift glance around and told the screw I would be back to find him.

I came late in the night and suddenly near the foyer again I remembered what happened in the morning. I looked around, in a desperate attempt to find my screw. I knew it was impossible to locate a 1 cm long transparent thing. But I continued to wish for finding it. I was still looking everywhere walking as though in a trance, across the length of the foyer. I take the next step and guess what, I stamped on the screw! My mouth went into my biggest grin and with all the glee in the world I held my screw as I walked back to my room!

I LOVE it when stuff like this happens to me. Wanting some small thing SO badly, that the entire universe conspires to give it to you. It is true. That screw could have been stamped by a hundred people in the duration of 6-7 hours. It still decided to lie there and get under my foot. Brilliant. Its things like this that give me hope, lots of it -- That what I want from the bottom of my heart is always mine :)

Heres to hope and love.


Rohan Rajiv said...

Nice one Dhanya. :)

I find it hard to read your posts though especially if it's a long thick paragraph thanks to the background/font settings. They seem to make it harder to read the words.

If other readers feel the same, maybe that's something you can consider?

Concusfused said...

Thank you Rohan!

Yes, another friend also told me to do something about it. I am working on it now! :)