Saturday, 16 October 2010

'Yappa Yatsu'

This one makes sense only to people who heard me say it. 'Yappa Yatsu'. A friend of mine has a close chinese friend who named him Yatsu. I am not even sure if I am pronouncing it right. But this name sounds imperatively funny to a Tamilian like me. I imagine this picture. My thatha (grandfather) sitting on his porch and telling his workers to go and check out the fields. And he says 'Yappa Yatsu, vayalla ellam suthama iruka pa?".

I HAVE to call my brother in the morning and let him know of this. 'Yappa Yatsu'.

PS: From the weird-and-crazy-at-night me. :)


Abishek said...

Hahahaha, Yatsu!

Raj said...

yatsu kootalinga laan cool maschan!

Concusfused said...

abishek, pronounce it as yaat-suu. LOL

Yatsu kootalinga mamba ellam pa.