Saturday, 9 October 2010

Pretty random lah

I took an A2 to go to the engineering faculty, yesterday. I like taking the seat behind the driver. Simply because its easy to get out! Also, in the new buses you usually get to sit alone in that seat unless some really pushy girl comes and clings on to the rest of the space. And it was my lucky day yesterday. Just after me an old man got in. I have seen him before in engin. Really thin, carries a sling bag, and is almost always dreamy. 

This guy sat in the seat left to mine. He kept hand-signaling to people standing in the bus stops, asking them to wait. All those people were taken by a surprise and kept staring back at him. After three bus stop routines, I realized what he was doing. He meant to tell them that the bus was goign to stop for them and they should wait. Haha, a very obvious fact. Ofcourse the bus was going to stop. But in his very own mind, he was doing the people who were waiting a favour. He was assuring them that the bus would stop.

He kept himself occupied through out the journey by doing this. Made me jump into a thought-well about old age, how we and our actions might seem meaningless to the outside world, how i would look when I got old (this one is pretty annoying even though I have not given it much thought). And then it went on to a million other things. I'll probably find another day for that. 


shweta said...

I like your blog :)

Concusfused said...

Shwetaaa. :D