Sunday, 3 October 2010

How Rajni has become a fetish..

I was always (and still continue to do so) a Rajni fan. I love his screen presence, his style, his charisma, his ability to make anything he does awesome, his walk and his accent. He has amazed me from the day I have come to know him and recognize him. This being said, I dont worship him. I. Just. Simply. Dont. (dot)

Ah, and now coming to the hot subject of the day. I watched the preview show of Enthiraan here, much to the envy of a lot of thalaivar fans back home. The preparations from my part for the release were not anything great. I chose a decent picture of Rajni, in his Enthiraan-do. Me and a friend decided to put that picture up till we watched the movie. Thats all. And the day arrived! The movie was good, yes it was. But what I say is that, it was not Rajni's movie. It was Shankar's movie. It had effects, it had awesome costumes, a good cast, all kinds of technologies and a good picture. What I missed was Rajni's awesomeness, his usual stuff. He just dint come there and amaze me, except for like 10 minutes in the entire movie.

This is my opinion. And if you know Rajni, then you know the kind of attention I created by giving this out aloud. The crowd has given Rajni a cult status. You say you like him, then you say his movies were awesome. No matter what the truth stands to be. He has been idolized into a success frame. And like herd movements, everyone has decided to accept that. A whim has been taken that they will support his movie, against all odds.

Come to think of it, its nice and entertaining to argue with the truth-seekers that this movie was awesome. I tried. When the movie began, I was ready to hoot for his awesomeness. Disappointed as I was as the movie progressed, I still chose to pick a few moments and do the same. I tried to tell myself that the movie was good after it finished. I thought, I like Shankar, I LOVE Rajni, I LOVE Rahman(Oh, and dont even get me started on the songs in the movie. What WAS he thinking! :O). When I love all these people, why could I just not be fine - normal and like the movie. But no, like I said, It was not a Rajni movie.

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Anurag said...

I too watched this movie and to my dismay it turned out to be an average movie.Not even close to what was shown on TV.And i completely agree to youu that this movie Rajni's carishma.

Even though the movie was average, to me it appeared as a completely trash. I guess my high expectationa have to be blamed for this