Friday, 22 October 2010

Hi, Dhanya, Civil Engineer. Yeh.

I was reading Libba Bray's blog today. And her latest post is in reply to a readers doubt, whether to go with her passion and study art or to go with her dads wishes and become a English Teacher. And then I remembered how I went through the same phase last year, AFTER completing a year at the university.

I came to NUS as a common engg student. Pretty good option for a fickle-minded bitch like me. I read every branch's subject. And this is what I realize one night at the end of second sem. That I CANT sit with engg for another three years. I spoke to my parents that second and convinced them of my intentions. My parents are very accommodating people. They have their principles, but when I want to break them they dont stop me. And so they agreed. I applied for change of faculty to School of Design and Environment. This was followed by research on the Arch programme here. I spoke to every person I knew, who could help me out with my decision. There was a night of confessions and loads of crying in between (lol), which was partly woven with some other trouble. I realized I had to spend another 5 years studying here. I thought about the money involved with something like that. And at the end of all the drama, I had made my decision.

I am a Civil Engineering student.

Even now there are times I wonder what would have happened if I chose to go with the change. For some back-story here, I applied for Architecture courses even before NUS happened, at home. I was always and is still passionate about design. Only, I decided to accept engineering. It is probably my destiny (Excuses, baby). I know my passion. I know I will go back to pursuing it for a serious career. I also know that I enjoy math, and sitting in engg classrooms for 4 years will change the way I think. And to that I am grateful.

Maybe it would have been cooler to tell people that I am an architect. 'I am a designer' will definitely sound cooler than that. Until then, I am just going to have to make Civil Engineering sound cooler. ;)

PS: Read the Yeh in title as Yes without the 's'. Get it? Yeh.