Thursday, 28 October 2010

The gender of numbers

I have always associated numbers with Gender! Haha, many whom I confessed to found this creepy and weird. But I have, and still do. I cant even remember when it started. Just a few days back, I was telling some friends so and they asked me if I was dyslexic! :O

I am pretty sure I am not. Anyway, I decided to google this phenomenon -- to see if it was common with people or to confirm my doubt of being an alien. Thankfully, it IS common. Quite a number of people have made this confession on blogs. I guess I am human after all. :)

Here goes the list:

1 -- A young smart boy.
2 -- A cute little girl.
3 -- A woman of 35.
4 -- A man of 40.
5 -- A old man.
6 -- A woman of 45.
7 -- A handsome guy.
8 -- A mother.
9 -- A beautiful girl.
10 -- A father.


Anurag said...

It was a nice read.

I guess u forgot to mention the numbeer 420 :)

This number needs special mention of all the above

Anurag said...

It was nice read.
I guess the number missing from the list is 420.
It requires special mention

Lakshmi said...

I have different opinions on 9.