Thursday, 21 October 2010


I sat in the Forum after a very long time. I always love the breeze in this place. And its pretty lively also.

Unfortunately, some other people have started loving this place. I found the forum to be infested with people wanting you to fill-up forms and surveys for them, ones trying to sell you cookies and doughnuts, ones trying to raise money for youth projects and some others selling t-shirts. I don't think I'll sit here ever again on weekdays.

I have to say, I love the perseverance even after 8/10 reject them. Something to learn.


Rohan Rajiv said...

I've done that a lot.. a long time ago.. haha

Apologies on the behalf of all those others who are bugging you.. haha

Concusfused said...


Haha, sure.

Abishek said...

Dhanya, we have done that too!

Remember "That's my Country for you"
and "Olympic Art"


Concusfused said...

Haha, I dont know about that. We dint go to the people who were sitting and doing their job WITH headphones in their ears, did we!