Tuesday, 12 October 2010


I hosted a Bharatanatyam show last week.

SO fancy right? Actually I did nothing. I talked for like ten minutes during the entire one hour show. It was a very successful show! We almost made it to a full house. Okay, enough of random facts.

I was wearing a saree for the show. I LOVE sarees, I LOVE dressing up. In fact, I want to make a career out of this louwe. So another opportunity for doing the same, excited me! I got dressed for the day and like any other girl would, I looked graceful in it. Many paid compliments, very small lovely ones. It felt nice, I smiled my usual smile in return. While this consisted of one kind of people, there were others, who came up to me and said things which were injected with a dash of insult in them. I smiled my fake smile, in return.

It got me thinking. Why do the second kind do what they do. What prompts them to do so. Are they so horrible that they want to come up to the person and make them feel bad. If they did feel that I looked bad, why bother taking the pains to come up to me and tell me so. Why not let me live in my bubble. The only feasible explanation is that they are malign.

These are usually the people who are the criticizers in a company. These souls love to come there and talk about the negative aspects of an idea, and how the idea would fail. Well, good in a way. They can criticize so effectively that the boss can make a decision!


Rohan Rajiv said...

It takes a bigger person not to criticize.

I guess there is a fine line between constructive criticism
eg: You look fabulous in sarees.. I think black might suit you better..

and just plain old criticism..

That comes from the insecure - imo atleast. :)

Nice post! I had a similar one lined up as well. Will come out one of these days..

Rohan Rajiv said...
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Concusfused said...

Yes Rohan! Constructive criticism is fine. It makes sense.


Freakshow said...

Constructive criticism is fine, but what if the person just doesn't want such a thing? What if the person would like to live those few moments the way they want to?