Monday, 6 September 2010

When that happens..

On the way from engin to PGP, a sudden enlightenment occurred.

When you realize you are something, you slowly start drifting away from that state.

This I found to be true for a lot of cases. When I realize that I am good at say listening to people, I start analysing the thought. And at some point, I start being conscious of it happening when it DOES. As a result, I try to change the case, unknowingly. This habit forms its effects gradually and I have come to see that over a long time I am no longer in possession of that quality. I am still debating if this is a good thing.

PS: Either this post made complete sense to you, or you think I am lame. haha.

1 comment:

Rohan Rajiv said...

True.. I think it's rather powerful.

Applies to when we are feeling angry, jealous etc.

Self awareness takes the sting out of it..