Monday, 12 April 2010

A day with the clothes

I had to do my laundry today after postponing it for two days.. It reminded me of my first laundry day here.

It was my first week in NUS, and it was time to do the very first laundry. I had forgotten where the laundry room for my block was. Singapore was a friendly place, I could ask my way around, I assumed. I gathered all my clothes and went down to the common floor. I ran to the first person in sight with my huge bag of clothes. He gave me a weird look, he had NO clue. So did three others. Without losing hope, I walked through the entire length of PGP in hope of finding one. I found one at the end of the residence, but something was wrong. I walked all the way back and tried figuring out signs for the laundry room. Aah, How good it felt to see those machines after half hour of running around with dirty clothes!

Oh it does not stop there. You could use ONLY 20 cent coins in the machine. Wow. Okay. I ran again to the foyer to get it from the change machine. I returned back to the washers. Guess what the new problem was? -- there, detergent. I had obviously brought the detergent with me, but I had to open the pack. I am not one of those girls who have long manicured nails which also serve as a packet opener. So no sharp objects in the vicinity except my teeth. I decided to rub the packet on a sharp tile corner till it tears! And success.. sweet. Thats how I got to finishing my first laundry day.

There were many more days of crisis when the sad drying machines do n0t work and you have to convert your room into a drying yard or when you do not have enough 20 cent coins in hand.
I should thank Aarti for letting me sleep in her place in temasek during those gloomy days. (oh, that reminds me, soon on 'The exciting adventures of travelling-to-temasek-in-the-last-bus due to some crisis of sorts'). Nevertheless, something inside me always jumps up when I have to do laundry, wondering what sort of crisis would crop up this time.


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