Sunday, 11 April 2010

A conversation with Pigs.

I called up my brother today. Reminded me of the days, when we used to have prattling sessions as soon as he comes back from school.

We talk about lazy guys from class, fat teachers, dirty teachers, sick habits of people, burping, beggars, hotels, cars, food, phones, gadgets, pencils, erasers, clothes, shops, farting, singing, dancing, photos, self-obsessions, songs, assignments, crushes, secret outings with friends, driving, my lamborghini dreams, his jaguar and BMW dreams, lunch periods in school, his conversations with pretty girls of his batch, my conversations with smart and cute guys, colourful stationery, how he shouted hello to random passer-bys in a bus, how much i condemn something like that, shit, lizards, yucky food, coke, McD, how we used to pinch each other, how we used to fight like animals from the wild, frog race, dressing up, amma, amma's many sayings, appa, appa when he was angry and i could go on!

Today it was about his trip to a mall in Chennai. This mall was pretty new. And it had only escalators for climbing floors. Before him, stood a bunch of ladies, blocking the path, who had either never seen an escalator OR never been on one. He stood waiting for them to step on it. No, they would not. One would put her foot on it and remove it, giggling as it moved. And then it would be next ones turn. After 3 mins of patience he gave up. He made his way through them and got on it. Smirking to himself, how funny these people made a simple escalator look. And suddenly, a hand caught his leg from behind. Startled, he turned around only to find one of those ladies holding on to him for support. God, how much I laughed. To just imagine a short stout lady clad in synthetic saree, grabbing pig's leg suddenly! Somehow does not seem as funny as it seemed on the phone. :)

Well, this bit adds on to the big book of Balasubramanian-kids'-things-to-talk-about!

PS: Oh yes, I call him Pigs.

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